Unabridged Little House Books

Where to Find Unabridged Martha and Charlotte Books

Readers have spotted the unabridged editions of some Martha, Charlotte, Caroline, and Rose books at the following stores and websites.

(The unabridged editions have illustrated covers; the abridgments have photographic covers with pictures of real girls on the front. Look for the painted covers! For more information about the abridging of these books, see this post and its follow-up.)


The Loftus Store in De Smet, South Dakota

Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society

Keller Books (quite a markup on these, I’m afraid)

A1 Books (wow, a steal!)

Christianbook.com (Be sure to look for the illustrated covers here—some of this vendor’s listings are for the abridged books. Photo covers = abridged.)

Please let me know if you spot them elsewhere, and I’ll add the information to this list.