This Is the Sign for Daddy

July 19, 2005 @ 5:27 am | Filed under: Sign Language, Special Needs Children, Speech Delay, Wonderboy

babywbsigningdaddyIt’s his best sign, because it’s his favorite word. His favorite person!

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  1. Lissa, that’s just precious!! God Bless you and your family. Hugs from Idaho, Meredith Henning

  2. That is absolutely precious!

    How blessed you are to have such a great gift from God!

    I have a spina bifida child, but I do not consider her my special needs child. Just my child who needs ME! I wrote about dear Annie on my blog- Happy Birthday Annie is the title of the post.

    I am blessed by your posts and blog.

    May God continue to shine his face and love on you and yours…:-)

    Blessings from Pennsylvania,
    Carla <>