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November 9, 2005 @ 3:52 am | Filed under:

With nuggets like this—”There’s paperwork to be filled out, curriculum’s to decide, and school committee’s to convince”—I find it hard to believe that Sara Jenkins is going to find any customers gullible enough to fall for her spurious sales pitch, but I’ll take Ron’s advice and pass along Chris O’Donnell’s inspired critique just in case someone out there is operating on too little sleep.

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    Karen Edmisten says:

    Gee, I dunno … if it comes with a slicer-dicer, and the offer doesn’t end before midnight, I’m in.

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    Ron says:


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    Jenniffer says:

    :::whispering over and over to myself:::

    “I’m not going to make any jokes about the number of typos in that advertisement.”