Beanie’s Christmas List

November 30, 2005 @ 3:28 am | Filed under: Family Adventures

• A pink teddy bear

(So far, so good. But she’s just warming up.)

• A medium-sized ball that is purple with pink and blue diamonds.

(Um, honey, I’m not sure bouncy balls come in argyle.)

• A pinwheel

(Aha! Now we’re talking. THIS I can handle. Little do I know she’s just putting me off my guard for the final blow…)

• A toy shark—rainbow-colored. Any TYPE of shark, I’m told—”you know, like hammerhead or the other kinds.”

(Oh, sure. What matters species when it’s got rainbow-colored skin? Sure, kid, I’ll get right on that.)

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  1. Lissa:
    Maybe you can find a paintable model of a shark- that way she can paint a rainbow on it- same goes for balls- I think S&S crafts and Oriental Trader has white balls you can paint yourself.

    Good Luck:
    Mary Beth