Things to Do While Your Mother Is in the Hospital

April 17, 2006 @ 7:22 pm | Filed under: Family Adventures

If you are five…

…and your grandmother puts a snapped-off tulip in a cup of water on the counter, painstakingly fill the cup with spoonfuls of dirt because “I thought if I planted it, it would keep growing.”

If you are seven…

…almost (but only almost) step on a snake as long as your little brother.

…get stung under the chin by a wasp.

If you are ten…

…recall a passage from that scintillating classic, All About Weeds, describing the sting-soothing properties of yarrow, and concoct a poultice of newly emerging yarrow leaves with which to soothe your little sister’s wasp sting.

If you are any of the above…

…watch a Bill Nye the Science Guy and then recreate the solar system on the floor of your bedroom, using various stuffed animals to represent the planets.

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  1. Learning never ends in your house!!!

  2. I love it!! That is what you call lifelong learning!