Not a Good Sign

May 9, 2006 @ 4:03 am | Filed under:

Cat poop in the bird feeder. Actually IN it. Or I suppose it is more accurate to say ON it; it’s a deck-mounted platform feeder.

We don’t even have a cat.

I’m told it’s the neighbor’s cat and he’s very friendly.

Yeah, I’ll just bet the cardinals think so.

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  1. Avatar

    Mary G in Greenville says:

    Lissa — this sounds like a good day for a discussion of food chains and the “circle of life” (I can just hear Elton singing in the background as you homeschool today!)

    You have sure painted a picture I’ll carry with me throughout the day!

  2. Avatar

    xixi says:

    Maybe some earwax will keep the cat away? (i.e. this is the second entry this week that made me go, “auuuuugggghh”)

  3. Avatar

    Tracy says:

    ewwwwwwww!!!!!! poor birds!

  4. Avatar

    Susan says:

    in defense of cats–meow– I have to say that sounds more like raccoon-ish behavior to me. We all know what kind of manners raccoons have.

    Around here even the deer eat the bird food. Before putting out the feeders again, we have to do some strategizing to avoid them and the raccoons and the squirrels.