An Alert a Day Keeps the Email, um, Coming

September 6, 2006 @ 10:49 am | Filed under:

The other day I mentioned that ClubMom is offering a nifty Daily Alert email to let you know when your favorite ClubMom blogs have updated. Well, now they’re offering incentive for you to subscribe to your very most favoritest MomBlogs, hint hint. If you 1) join ClubMom (it’s free!) and 2) subscribe to the daily alert (by the end of September), you get 50 ClubMom points. Rack up enough ClubMom points and you can go shopping at actual (well, virtual) stores like Lands End and Barnes & Noble.

There are also prizes being awarded to the ClubMom bloggers who wind up with the most daily alert subscribers at the end of the month, but to be perfectly honest (in, um, a hyperbolic and metaphorical way), competition gives me hives. So let’s just forget about that part, shall we?

Click here to join ClubMom. Then you can set up a profile in the MomNetwork and do all kinds of fun stuff.

Click here to subscribe to the Daily Alert email.  It’s like having me email you every time I update, only without the obnoxiousness. And if you already subscribe via Bloglines, you can still sign up for the email alerts to get your 50 ClubMom points!

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