Best Gifts for Homeschoolers

November 19, 2006 @ 6:29 am | Filed under: Best Gifts for Homeschoolers, Fun Learning Stuff

I just had a fun idea! I sat down to write a post about putting art prints on your Christmas list (I’ll get back to that later) when it struck me that I have a little theme going. Family memberships, art prints—I’m writing about great gift suggestions for grandparents and doting aunties. I don’t know about you, but in my family, our loved ones are always looking for ideas for presents the kids would really enjoy and use. And of course my list of fun educational stuff I’d like to have is always about a mile long.

So this week, let’s explore that topic. I’ve got a number of posts in mind, and if you’ve got a link to a post on the subject, send it along and I’ll do another big linky carnival post.


Rose says: Presents make me jump for joy!

(Photo by Kristen.)

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  1. What about a stock or two in a favorite toy company? Kids in traditional school get so little financial education and it’s sooooooo important these days. Plus you could have a lot of fun researching the company, tracking the company with charts and learning great vocab. like “dividend,” and “price to earnings ratio.” Maybe you could even go to the shareholders meeting as a feild trip.

  2. This is more along the lines of physical education, but my kids have had hours of fun with a balance board. It’s great for winter when you can’t go outside. We have the Carrom Balance Board ($49) but there are cheaper ones.

  3. Love the Carrom board idea, thanks!
    Here is one our family loves: the Tintin videos.

  4. Well, books are obvious, but really liked the idea of giving grandchildren/Godchildren the Advent/Christmas package from Hillside for the first Sunday in Advent. At least I know I would LOVE it.