What Do You Mean She Reads Too Many Comic Books?

December 16, 2006 @ 10:30 am | Filed under:

Beanie, unloading the dishwasher, holds up the cheese slicer.

"Mommy, where do I put this deadly ray gun?"

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    Amy says:


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    Amy says:

    And happy birthday! A little birdie (named Alice) told me it was your day.

    Hope you have a great birthday!

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    Suzanne Temple says:

    Alice got the word out. Happy birthday to you!!

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    Maria says:


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    Lissa says:

    You aren’t late at all! Thank you all so much! 🙂

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    Karen E. says:

    My Betsy is running to Anne-with-an-e right now to pass on this great Beanie quote. 🙂