I Blinked

April 14, 2007 @ 6:46 am | Filed under: , ,

And this


turned into this.


Happy birthday, Rilla-my-rilla. Your big sister isn’t the only one who finds you irresistible.

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  1. Avatar

    Dawn says:

    Oh, so precious … Many blessings and lots of love to that sweet girl!

    Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Rilla!

  2. Avatar

    emily says:

    Happy Birthday, Rilla. She’s just lovely.

  3. Avatar

    Ophelia says:

    Has it already been a year? Wow! Happy birthday to your Rilla! She is such a cutie!

  4. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    Wow. It seems only yesterday I clicked on your site every morning thinking, “Surely she has had that baby by now!” She is truly gorgeous. Congratulations!

  5. Avatar

    Mary Beth P says:

    Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! She is precious! It does happen soo fast, doesn’t it! Must be getting time for # 6?

  6. Avatar

    Beth TigerMoon says:

    Look how big she’s getting! I mean, I read your blog, of course I know how old she has gotten, but the two photos together really bring it home. Ah, they grow so fast …

    Happy Birthday Rilla ~ and Happy Birth Day Lissa.

  7. Avatar

    Meredith says:

    Oh my goodness, she’s (they’re) so precious, has it already been a year…Blessings to All your sweetiesand happiest birthday to little miss Rilla!

  8. Avatar

    Christine M says:

    Happy Birthday to beautiful little Rilla!

  9. Avatar

    Mrs. Happy Housewife says:

    Ah, such lovely lasses. Happy birthday to your sweet Rilla. One has always been my favorite age.

  10. Avatar

    Suzanne Temple says:

    So, so, so adorable! Happy birthday little one!

  11. Avatar

    Molly says:

    I know what you mean. My baby will be one on the 27th! It goes so fast, but every stage is so wonderful!
    God Bless little Rilla!

  12. Avatar

    Kristen Laurence says:

    So beautiful, both girls! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

  13. Avatar

    Karla says:

    Such a sweet picture! And I love the “Rilla-my-Rilla” nickname. Rilla of Ingleside is one of my all-time favorite stories!

  14. Avatar

    Claire says:

    Birthday blessings to the little princess! Ah, indeed how the moments, hours, days, and years slip by! Always a reminder to be using them for good… 🙂


  15. Avatar

    Kimberlee says:

    Happy birthday to that sweet, sweet girl! Oh, it goes by so fast, and faster with each child it seems. Kiss her up good.

  16. Avatar

    Karen E. says:

    Oh, so beautiful! Happy, happy day!

  17. Avatar

    Tracy says:

    Happy birthday to a precious girl – it goes way too fast, doesn’t it?

  18. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Where is that rewind button when you need it. Wish I could be there to give her a smattering of hugs and kisses.

  19. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    Happy birthday to a sweet little one!

  20. Avatar

    Alice Gunther says:

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl! How did this happen so fast? I can’t handle it!

    It’s a good thing Bean hasn’t changed much, or I’d be bawling!

  21. Avatar

    Jane Ramsey says:

    How beautiful she is.
    Happy Birthday, Rilla!