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October 17, 2007 @ 9:01 am | Filed under: Family

Was the day we reunited with Scott after three months apart. A very happy day. We picked him up at the Phoenix airport and drove another couple of hours west, stopping for the night in Yuma so that we could make the last piece of the journey to our new home in the daylight. We got the very last room in town, after being turned away from about six motels. Two queen beds for the seven of us, but we didn’t care. We ate at a Cracker Barrel that night, and a woman at the next table couldn’t stop giggling at us because of the way Wonderboy was staring nonstop at Scott with a huge grin plastered on his (Wonderboy’s) face.

So today I’m thinking about how happy we are to be all together again, and I’m thinking about the children whose daddies are in Iraq and Afghanistan. If our separation was agony, it must pale in comparison to what those families are going through.

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  1. It’s shocking that it’s been a year already!

    That went by toooooo fast!

    Happy to know you’re enjoying San Diego so much!

  2. yes, our separations pull everything a bit more into focus,don’t they?

    has it really been a year since you made the move? wow.

    I hope you are enjoying California.

  3. What a sweet story.
    I did not realize you all were apart so long.
    I’ve been a reader only since May! (blush)

  4. I think of the military families all the time, separated for such long times. I have a friend in that situation, and it’s so difficult for the children.

    Wow, though, 3 months is an incredibly long time – especially for the little ones. Glad it’s behind you, and I’m sure you have newfound compassion for other families whose circumstances keep them apart.

  5. Sorry, not sure how that happened (posting without the comment), but I’ll try again.
    I have a sister who is an officer in the Air Force. I just wanted to remind you that it is Mommies, as well, who are serving overseas. My sister has done two tours and has a child in the early grade school years. It is very rough on the military munchkins. Thanks for the post.

  6. We are 1.5 months into husband’s approximately 7 month deployment to Iraq and looking forward to our reunion day!