Semicolon’s Author Celebration Starts Today

June 26, 2008 @ 7:17 am | Filed under:

I’m glad I checked my comments spam filter today, because look what I almost missed! Sorry, Sherry; I don’t know why the filter zapped you. We’re big Semicolon fans here, even if my filter isn’t.

I wanted to tell you that I’m starting something new at Semicolon, and you’re certainly invited to join in along with any of your readers. It’s called Semicolon Author Celebration, and to start with I’m looking for posts about Charlotte Zolotow on this Thursday, her birthday.

For more information, click here.

Of course, today is Thursday, which means the Charlotte Zolotow post is already up!

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  1. mamacrow says:

    sorry, totally unrelated to your post, but a list of superheros with curly hair for Beanije –
    Hypolita (scuse spelling) Wonder Woman’s mother and Queen of the Amazons. (DC)
    The Scarlet Witch – sometimes dipicted more as just wavy, but sometimes really curly (Marvel)
    Moonstone – obscure love interest for Hawkeye (Marvel)
    research is continuing – I think that curly hair is difficult to do well and quickly?

  2. Melissa Wiley says:

    Ah, Mamacrow, you’re a darling! 🙂

    (She’s talking about an item in my Twitter queue, in case you don’t know: see down there on the right, below Meta? Poor Beanie was lamenting the difficulty of properly portraying a superheroine with ringlets a-flying. So difficult, you know, to pin them under a mask.)

    Hippolyta’s a good one, Mamacrow—thanks for the reminder. The Scarlet Witch sounds promising but she’s That Other Company: you know, the one that doesn’t sign daddy’s paycheck. Sounds like a nice little subversive exploration for Miss Bean someday, eh? 😉 (Cue sound of Scott sputtering.)

    But now I’m picturing a Teen Titan with long, curly-wavy red hair. Am I wrong? With white eyes, sometimes? Must investigate.

    And you raise a good point! Why no ringleted superheroes? I just may have to interview a few of Scott’s artists on this question…

  3. Jane Wiley says:

    That Teen Titan is named Starfire. However, she is part of the Teen Titans Go, NOT the the Teen Titans of Showcase Presents. The Teen Titans Go are currently being published by DC Comics, as are Showcase Presents, but it’s two different groups called Teen Titans. I personally prefer the Showcase Presents version, as do my sisters. All the Showcase Presents are 500+ page reprint collections of comics first printed in the 1960s. More about Showcase Presents here:


  4. Melissa Wiley says:

    Why thank you, my dear!