Saturday Snapshots

July 12, 2008 @ 8:44 am | Filed under: Family, Photos

Gosh it’s nice to have my big girls back.

They were so excited to see that our pumpkin turned orange while they were gone.

And that I didn’t totally kill the flowers, even if the nasturtiums did get a little crisped while my waterers were away.

However, Rilla has strong opinions about who owns Beanie’s baby now. Possession is nine-tenths of the law and all that.

Ditto Rose’s umbrella.

Perhaps if she moves fast enough, Rose won’t notice she’s got it.

Hiding is another good tactic. What umbrella? Nobody here but us…um…mushrooms. Yeah.

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  1. fun pics!

  2. Wow… our pumpkins are still the size of marbles!

  3. This one sprang up in our compost heap. I’d dumped our jack-o-lantern there. It’s taking over that corner of the yard now! 🙂

    Yesterday we planted some pole beans next to the pumpkin patch. My friend Deirdre had set me up with poles for teepees and everything. (She’s a peach.) We have poles to do at least two more teepees, but so far I’ve only managed to clear away the weeds in space for one. Here’s a pic:

    Um, by “clear the weeds” I was speaking very loosely, as the photo shows. I’ll be fighting the crabgrass around that teepee all summer. I’m a little short on stamina for digging right now… 😉

  4. your living room is so TIDY! Are you nesting already?!

  5. oops, that makes it sound like your living isn’t normally tidy, which is not at all what I meant 🙁

  6. Hey, Mom, that’s MY umbrella– or at least, it was. Arrgh. Think it’s time to get me a new umbrella?


  7. Please tell Beanie that if she needs some sort of proof of ownership of the doll, her godmother is willing to sign an affidavit on her behalf.

  8. Rilla will stipulate that such a document is irrelevant since she cannot yet read.

  9. What an fun umbrella! And hooray about the pumpkin! I hope to have pumpkins and watermelons in my garden… NEXT year… assuming I actually get around to planting one.

  10. Great pictures!

  11. Lovely pictures! I especially like the last one – so Christopher Robin-ish. (Tut tut!)

  12. What great pics. I cannot get over how big they all are. To me Jane is still 3 years old…Guess I am in denial that my oldest is 22. gulp. Makes me oooold.
    I am getting baby fever again to. Gotta kick this cancer first…(it’s alwasys something, eh?)
    Love the pics!

  13. […] We were happy to get them back again. […]