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Curly blonde head leaning against my shoulder in the early morning: sleepy child not ready to be awake yet but wanting to be close to mom.

Bach prelude in C on the CD player during breakfast.

The smell of grapefruit dishwashing liquid.

The delight of small children helping wash dishes; the everyday miracle of soap bubbles.

Two-year-old insisting that her big sisters join her in the “Kokey-Pokey.”

Children asking to be read more of the Iliad.

Two-year-old taking an early nap, and a long one.

Blue-and-whites in the fabric stash, and pinks with flowers.

Pink inspiration at As Cozy as Spring, and the feast for the eyes Posie offers every day, and the sweet embroidery sampler in this post at Yarnstorm, and pretty felt ornaments, and slow afternoons to fill with snips and stitches, even if I’m short on talent.

The St. Brigid of Ireland costume from Our Coats of Many Colors…(about which more tomorrow, or so the plan is).

Sausage bean soup in the crock pot.

Tollhouse cookie bars.

Daughters who can make tollhouse cookie bars.

The chime of an IM from Scott.

Reading Mother Goose to a happy little boy.

The wild exuberant cry of a girl whose little plot of cosmos has suddenly become a forest.

Half moon in a blue sky.

Caterpillar stowaway on my windowsill geranium, munching, munching.

Tired children ready for bed, and half a pan of tollhouse cookie bars still on the counter.

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  1. Ah, that just made me smile!

  2. You’ve inspired me to take more note of the everyday happinesses that surround me- it’s so easy to get wrapped up in gloom and doom and forget to smell the roses, or, in my case, the hot cider!

    mmm… cookie bars…

    Thank you for such a lovely post, it really made me smile 🙂

  3. I’m so honored to be included in such a beautiful list. And cosmos! One of my favorites. It’s the official October flower: Here’s a coloring page:
    (on the heels of your comment last night – I googled cosmos coloring page and got my own site, LOL)

  4. Love this post… I have one to add: A baby’s first time saying “Ma Ma”.

  5. I just loved this list! Especially the grapefruit scented dish soap. We use grapefruit scented dish soap, and it always cheers me when I do the dishes.

  6. Aaaaah. So nice to read!

  7. You are sooooooo Blessed – blessed you are abd blessed you always will be 🙂

  8. I commented here yesterday… I think… on how honored I was to be included on this gorgeous list but it disappeared. So I will say it again. 🙂

  9. Now that’s what life’s all about!

  10. […] just found some nice comments from friends (Jennifer, Helen, Explore Academy) in my spam folder. Sometimes good comments get marked spam because they […]

  11. Smiling, smiling, smiling here ….