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Margot Davidson of Hillside Education has organized a marvelous way to help a family in a tight spot. Her “Helping Those in Need” page contains a list of books and other materials donated by folks around the ‘net. All proceeds from the sale of these items will be given to a particular family in need.

I’ve donated a couple of hard-to-find Martha and Charlotte books. These are hardcovers, and are, of course, the original, unabridged editions. If buyers include inscription information with their orders (or just drop me a note after you’ve made your purchase at Margot’s site), I’ll be happy to write a personal message in the book before it ships. We’re pretty close to Christmas now and I can’t guarantee the books will arrive before December 24, but if someone orders right away I’ll do my best to get them in the mail within 24 hours.

UPDATE: Y’all are quick! My books have been sold, but there is a lot of good stuff at the site, so please do pop over and take a peek.

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    Jennifer says:

    Those didn’t last long! 🙂

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    Lisa Tobin says:

    Thanks so much for your contribution and for publicizing this on your blog, Lissa. David and Mandy Stephens are local friends and their situation is truly heartbreaking, so it’s wonderful that the word is getting out so that others can help them.