A Joke Only an 8-Months-Pregnant Friend Could Make

January 8, 2009 @ 8:36 am | Filed under: Friends, These People Crack Me Up

Yesterday, during Rose’s piano class, my cell phone buzzed with the information that Alice was IMing me. I thumb-tapped back to her: “Hi! Am sitting in piano,” knowing she’d know that meant I was answering from the phone’s tiny keyboard and she should expect truncated responses to her half of the conversation.

“Of course!” she wrote back. “It’s the only piece of furniture big enough to hold you!”

I laughed so hard it’s a wonder my water didn’t break.

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  1. ROFL!

  2. And why didn’t your water break?! It seems like a good labor inducer to me.

  3. So… it would seem to be the 8th… wonder if we’ll have any Elvis sightings later…

    Thanks for the poetry link – love it!

    Sending you all smiles —

  4. I went anywhere from five days to fifteen days past my due date each time. Hang in there!

  5. Didn’t want to say it days ago, but
    1/09/09 is a cool date.

  6. Are you still here?! At this rate, Alice will have her baby before you. You just like having that nice internal warmth, I’ll bet. You’d have been eating plenty of spicy foods if you lived here, it’s so hot, roads are melting.


  7. ROFL!! She’s a treasure!

  8. Aww that is very funny. Any moment now…lol

  9. raspberry leaf tea was helpful for me once or twice… also watching Anaconda, wrestling, or the World’s Strongest Man competition…

    good luck good luck good luck!

  10. That is hilarious. And, yes, only certain people can get away with that one!

  11. fabulous!!!!

  12. Since you’ve gotten other advice for induction, I’ll offer mine.
    Take a nap. (YAY!) On the floor. (ouch) Preferably during a football game.

  13. Penny in VT: I live 5 minutes from Graceland. Elvis says, “Hi!”

  14. LOL! I meant little tiny Elvises (Elvi?) (Elven?) (Elvis’s?) with a last name of Peterson, but hey, any Elvis greeting is better than none!

    Thanks for the smile 🙂