Twitterlog 2009-02-22

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  • But this is embarrassing: we had so many books on hold at library that they called, asked us to pick ’em up earlier than our usual Sat run. #
  • @threeplustwo Hey, another Replacements fan! We don’t run into those too often. in reply to threeplustwo #
  • Dear Baby, I’m sorry I keep dropping crumbs of chocolate on your head. Don’t worry, this St Valentine’s candy won’t last much longer. #
  • And here I go again, filling up the library reserve list again. This week: Olive Kitteridge (HT Cville Words), Moomin Comic Strip Vol. 1 #
  • And also: Fruitless Fall by my MFA classmate, Rowan Jacobsen. About the disappearance of the honeybees. #
  • What news anchors do during commercial breaks: #
  • Cold, rainy day. Bean’s reading a bio of Eleanor Roosevelt. Jane: another Christie. Rose: playing Oregon Trail. #
  • I just took a cherry cobbler out of the over. Beanie inhaled rapturously: “Mmm, it smells like HAM.” Um? #
  • My cherry cobbler recipe. You’ll note it contains no ham. #
  • Only you understand me, giant box of chocolates. #
  • OK, that’s totally not true. The guy who bought you gets some props too. #
  • Cherry cobbler for breakfast. Nom nom nom. #
  • Around the house: littles playing w/ fridge magnets, Jane writing about Murder on Orient Express, Rose reading Warriors, Bean copying poem. #
  • My kingdom for another can of cherry pie filling. #
  • Settled for blueberry muffins instead. Not that that’s really settling. #
  • Used a gift cert to order from Gap Maternity. Would not have believed it possible for a nursing top to look trampy. And yet… #
  • @mamacrow Um, possibly both. I certainly won’t be wearing mine in public. (Not worth the effort to return, though.) in reply to mamacrow #
  • My husband is such a romantic, always sending me links like this: #
  • Browned a pork roast for crock pot barbecuing. Caramelizing onion in the pan drippings. House smells like I am a person who likes cooking. #
  • @elizabethfoss What I like about Tweetdeck is that you can create groups with it. Easy way to make sure I don’t miss Scott’s tweets, etc. in reply to elizabethfoss #
  • Wow, giant rats garner lots of replies. #
  • RT @emccullough Where to lay the blame –interesting comment on the failings of contemporary theatre #
  • @lapazhome That’s how I felt our first winter in San Diego, though I missed our old neighborhood terribly. And I wasn’t coming from Alaska! in reply to lapazhome #
  • Finally got my January booknotes post up: #
  • Reading Egg Thoughts by the Hobans, realizing I’m the mother of at least one Frances the Badger #
  • Beanie: “Mommy, do you know who’s better than a prince? There are three people. Daddy and my brothers.” #
  • What was I thinking yesterday when I let the kids do face-painting the day before their photographer uncle arrives? They look like raccoons. #
  • Overheard: “Hey! You’re on my string cheese!” #
  • @mamacrow Don’t think so. They’re so low cut even Giada DiLaurentis would be embarrassed to wear them. Camisole would show too much I think. in reply to mamacrow #
  • I wonder if @petersonscott will mind that I just puffed flour into his cup of coffee. Making cobbler, of course. #
  • Question of the day: “Mommy, were ponytails invented before clothes?” #

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