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July 20, 2009 @ 6:37 am | Filed under: Gardening, Photos


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  1. Is that a cornflower? I don’t recognize it right off, but that blue is gorgeous. I hope we get a follow up shot.

  2. i keep meaning to share this book with you. it is beautiful and your family will especially love it. the prince of butterflies by bruce corville. one of those where i am reading to the kids and crying at the same time.

    heres the link

  3. *blinks*

    You’re growing eyeballs, now?

    (I do wonder, at times, if my sense of humor translates well, or at all, via the internets ….).

  4. Beth, hover your mouse over the photo so the alt title pops up, and you’ll see that you and I share the same sense of humor…. 🙂

    Monica, that book is going on our TBR list!!

    Jenn, I don’t know WHAT it is! I scattered a bag of mixed wildflower seeds, and it’s one of them. The little white flowers around the milkweed in all my photos are also from that mix. I know there are grape soda lupines in there, and poppies, but this of course is neither of those. Waiting for it to bloom so I can look it up!

  5. My first thought: She’s growing the Eye of Sauron!

  6. *laughs* Okay, good.