Organization Fail

January 4, 2010 @ 8:33 pm | Filed under: Nerd

Because I have email addresses for both my married name and my pen name, I wound up with two Google Reader accounts, which of course got to be unwieldy and silly. So I merged them.

Snapshot 2010-01-04 13-29-50

“RBJ” stands for “Rainbow Jane,” which is a kind of quilt. So that makes, yes, FIVE handcrafts-related folders between two accounts. What is wrong with me??

Imagine if I stopped reading crafty blogs—with all that extra time I bet I could make something, like, say, a quilt.

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  1. Now can you share what’s IN those folders? I love to see what my favorite bloggers are reading.

  2. “with all that extra time I bet I could make something, like, say, a quilt.” What a crazy idea!!! Though if you’re anything like me the majority of your blog reading happens while nursing. Rather hard to quilt and nurse.

  3. I’m curious to know what’s in those folders as well. I LOVE craft blogs and spend too much time reading through them as well. Now, whether or not I actually do any of those inspiring crafts…

  4. I have two Google Reader accounts too, and it is rather silly….I populated them both in the hopes that I could triage things that way. Didn’t work so well.

  5. Umm, I thought Rainbow Jane must be a new nickname for Jane … Obviously I don’t read those quilting blogs.

  6. WHOA DOG! That is a LOT of blogs you read! I can’t even keep up well enough with about 20, esp. when I go out of town!

    On an unrelated note, are you counting down the days til Feb 2? LOST Season 6 begins!!!:-)

  7. Those numbers are for unread *posts*, not total blogs. But I do sub to way too many…more than I can keep up with. (Hence the high #s of unread posts.)

    And YOU BETCHA I am counting the days! I feel jittery just thinking about it. Tick tick tick. How’s it gonna end???