That Would Be the Other Kind

January 26, 2010 @ 9:15 pm | Filed under: These People Crack Me Up

My friend Kristen sent the kids a box full of fun stuff: fairy wands, Slinkies, a board book for Huck to eat.

Says Rilla, about the wands: “They’re GORGEOUS. Now I can be a fairy all right.” (In a tone that conveyed she’s been waiting all her life for the opportunity.)

About the Slinky: “Ohhhh!!! WIRES!”

She inspects everyone else’s presents. “This is so great. Mommy, WHO are they from again?”

Me: “Krissy.”

Rilla, head tilted, clearly puzzled: “You mean Krissy, my Polly Pocket? Or the other kind of Krissy?”

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  1. *is in stitches* That’s so cute and so funny!!!!! Kids say the most incredibly fabulous things.

  2. ROFL. Rilla is the best!

  3. Wait. You mean in addition to an amazing grandpa, your kids have a fairy godmother???