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He was gone before I could get a non-blurry photo. A pity—he was posing so nicely!

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    Elizabeth says:

    Oh lovely! This is what the UK goldfinch looks like:

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    Somebody's Grandpa says:

    But he posed just long enough! He’ll be back, don’t you think?.

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    LisaE says:

    Just copied this quote in my journal last week. It’s from Tom Brown’s The Tracker.

    “The chickadee lives by joyous faith in living. Whenever everything else curls up and prepares to wait, or die, the chickadee is out in the middle of it. I have heard them in the middle of a blizzard, chirping with that dancing tone over and over into the cold air, as if it thinks that hiding from a storm is the craziest form of self-denial.”