He Sees Me So Clearly

September 5, 2010 @ 7:14 am | Filed under: Family, Geek

Me: Can you believe how scratched up my glasses are? It’s like looking through a screen door.

Him: Well, you’ve had them forever. You should get new ones.

Me: Nah. I don’t wear them enough to justify the expense.

Him: But you wear them every night after you take your contacts out!

Me: Yeah, but not for very long. You know. There are things I’ll spend money on, and things I won’t.

Him: Ah yes. Glasses don’t plug in.

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  1. LOL! But you’ll be able to read those lovely plug-in devices so much better with new glasses.

  2. Lol!

  3. hee hee – I bought new glasses after 8 years of the old ones… and eight years of serious book buying.


  4. lol is right!!!!

    kateri yanke

  5. I am so much the same! I have had the glasses I wear for 10 years. I normally wear contacts, but in the evenings I find that my eyes are dry, and I want to take them out. I wear one toric lens for astigmatism, and one bi focal lens. My glasses are single vision, so I find myself putting my glasses on to view the TV or computer screen, and taking them off to read everything else. It is terribly inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as a trip to the optometrist!

  6. LOL – Right there with you, babe :)

  7. …nor do they stack neatly in your bookshelf…I love Scott’s sense of humor!