Who’s on First, the Crustacean Version

September 8, 2010 @ 3:45 pm | Filed under: These People Crack Me Up

In the car on the way home from piano…

Rilla: Crap!

Rose and Bean (aghast): What???

Rilla, pointing at picture on restaurant sign: Red crap.

Rose: CRAB. You mean CRAB.

Rilla: Right, crap.

Rose: No, really!! It’s CRAB.

Beanie: Huh? I thought it was Red Lobster.

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  1. I LOVE THIS! We recently had this word introduced into our home, so this is even funnier.

  2. Thanks for this! I needed a really good laugh today!

  3. HiLARious.

  4. Our favorite word memories are what my son did with firetruck and dumptruck.

  5. Hi Melissa
    I’m reading Rebecca West’s Black Lamb&Grey Falcon and found your blog from June this year, via the Rebecca West appreciation society homepage. Half way through the book I have launched a blog which is really for my own edification. Every time I open the book I need an atlas nearby! Anyway I am contacting you purely to share the pleasure that the book has generated. I hope you are making good progress. P.S I bought this copy several years ago, and put it aside when I opened the parcel and felt the weight of it. I picked it up again last month and am finding it immensely readable. Look forward to your update. Regards Charles

  6. c-r-a-p-lol

    i love needed something to cheer me up!!!