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Rilla, like many another four-year-old, has a deep and affectionate interest in words that rhyme. Today in the car she was thinking of rhymes for the word “cat”—surely one of the most satisfying words for a young English-speaker to rhyme because there are so many ready candidates. She had come up with a long list of the usual examples, and I strung them together into the ubiquitous beginning-reader sentence.

Me: “The fat cat sat on the rat…”

Rilla (laughs at my brilliant and original way with words)

Me: “…and squashed him flat as a mat.”

Rilla: “Um. Actually, it was flat as a cardboard.”

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  1. Cute! When I try to jump in and play with my rhyming four year-old, I’m usually told to hush she wants to do it on her own. So hard to bite my tongue and keep from offering more and more rhymes.

  2. How cute 🙂
    My kids are into knock-knock jokes, but don’t ‘get’ how they work, so we have had an endless supply of non-related things made into knock-knock jokes, lol. Kids are fun!! 😀

    I sent you a blog award. I’m not sure if you ‘do’ that, but one was sent to me and I wanted to share it with you since you’re one of the blogs that I read regularly and enjoy very much! Thanks for being awesome 🙂
    Here’s the post:

  3. Hah. That’s what the adult gets for thinking she knows that particular story.

    My niece used to ask me to tell her a story… about a boy named Nicky with green eyes who went to school and had a black skateboard. And woe betide anyone who added or subtracted elements from the story. Apparently she just needed me for plot.

  4. So funny!! Thanks for the chuckle. My kids are 13 and 11 and we are still coming up with rhymes while in the car! What’s up with that? Our latest is:

    Eddie McNeddy and his wife Betty, went down to the jetty to eat spaghetti.