We’ll Need to Come Up with a Mnemonic for This

October 4, 2010 @ 8:21 am | Filed under: These People Crack Me Up

Rilla made a solar system’s worth of planets out of Sculpey. Their names, she tells me, are: Mom, Dad, Chocolate, Tinky, Pock, Imi, Marshmallow Yellow, and Beauty of Love.

Eat your heart out, NASA.

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  1. Moms Denied Chocolate Threaten Punishment In Many Yowling Beastly Laments.

    I was trying to come up with a kid-friendly, positive one, but this one just had. to. be. said.

  2. And we have a winner!!!

  3. Can I come and colonize Beauty of Love? Please?? That sounds awesome. Also: Tink. It’s succinct and reasonable, and sounds like it has crisp autumns.

  4. Do you have special marshmallows at your house? Lemon-flavored ones?

    And do the planets of Mom and Dad share six moons?