November 8, 2010 @ 6:47 am | Filed under: Photos


My dad and I have an informal agreement: he can borrow my children any time he likes, and I get to steal his photos.


I’m pretty sure my end of this bargain is called “eating your cake and having it too.”

(Thanks, Daddy!)

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  1. Definitely a win-win. Your parents must live close; what a bonus!

    I understand if you’ve been too busy, but just wanted to make sure you did receive my email with the interview questions. It was sent right around the time of your trip so maybe it got lost in the shuffle.

  2. Sadly, no, my folks live in Colorado. They manage 3-4 trips a year out here, though, so we get to see them every few months and that is WONDERFUL.

    And I’m glad you nudged me—you are right, the trip and post-trip busy-ness knocked the interview right out of my head! I’m sorry! I’m still digging backward through email (which makes no sense, I know, since that means the newer stuff gets answered first). Jumping on it ASAP! Thanks!!

  3. Great. I totally understand!