Best Thing Ever

February 28, 2011 @ 4:33 pm | Filed under: Funny

Not new, so maybe you’ve seen it, but I hadn’t. Pretty sure this is the reason YouTube was invented.

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  1. Joshua (8) and I enjoyed that very muchly. And now hecis telling his older brother: “apparently, babies enjoy tearing paper. I did not know that.”

  2. I just watched this with the girls and Ramona said that she didn’t know babies could laugh that hard. Too adorable!

  3. Let my 8 month old watch this. He sat very seriously and didn’t make a peep. He doesn’t think paper is funny. …..but sneezing is another story!

  4. My eldest used to laugh every time we pushed down on the lever of the three hole punch. It kind of squeaked, and we used to punch holes just to hear her laugh.

  5. Wonderful! Had me, Sam, and Jenny rolling on the floor!

  6. I hope they don’t have any child-accessible bookshelves! And keep any important documents (and paychecks) out of reach too. On the other hand, they won’t need to buy a paper shredder for awhile…