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I found this picture while looking for something else. Taken December, 2003, I think: caught in the act of dress-up. Jane, Rose, and Beanie would have been about 7, 4, and 2 years old. I’m struck by how much Beanie looks like Huck! Not just in this photo, but the whole batch. And Rose could be Rilla. And actually, put a curly wig on young Jane and you’d have another Beanie. Amazing how different their personalities are, considering the physical overlaps.

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    sarah says:

    What gorgeous golden-haired girls. And look at those quilts!!

    I actually thought I was looking at Beanie not Jane – it’s amazing how much she resembles her, although I don’t see much of a resemblance in current day photos.

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    yvonne says:

    Oh my, what a wonderful shot!! Makes me want tot cry for some reason. I have 4 girls too (14, 9, 7, 2) and each is SO different. Sometimes they are super-close and sometimes…not so much. 🙁 Is it because they are so different or so much alike? I’m not sure.

    And what sweet little beds your girls had!

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    sarah says:

    So much fun seeing who resembles who. I was just thinking that Rilla looks just like Rose in the last picture you posted (one with the cart). There was a flashback picture you posted a while back, one of the Jane/chemo remembrances, I think, and they could be born-apart twins for sure!