Lots of folks out for a stroll this morning

May 18, 2011 @ 7:47 am | Filed under: Nature Study, Photos

2011-05-18 08.18.58

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  1. We have the same view every monrning, my children like to catch the snails and the huge slugs that live around here.

  2. Wow! He is fabulous! How big would you guess he is? From the angle of your camera, he looks several inches long.

  3. How big is he? He looks much bigger than the tiny ones we find around here. What a great picture!

  4. They aren’t very big—maybe a little over an inch when stretched out like that? This guy does look large in the picture, doesn’t he!

    About five steps down the block after I took this, my heel came down on something hard that cracked and crunched. I screamed and did a manic hop-step forward, shrieking at Scott, “Don’t look! Don’t look at it!”—because if I’d squashed a snail, I didn’t want to know, didn’t want it confirmed.

    Of course Scott couldn’t HELP but look. It was just a piece of bark, he said between guffaws. And then he kissed me in the middle of the street because I am ridiculous.