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I’m remembering this, with a smile.

And this, with a full heart.

And this:

Jane was five years old and we were at a conference where I had a speaking engagement. At one point, a friend’s teenaged daughter took Jane to the drinking fountain. The teen later related this story to her mother, who passed it on to me.

Apparently young Jane was delighted by the arc of the water as it came out of the spout. “Look, I’m drinking a rainbow!” she cried.

Then she took a drink, paused, and added thoughtfully, “That’s funny, I always thought rainbows would be crunchy.”

And, well, sixteen wonderful years of moments like those.

And feeling very, very lucky indeed.

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  1. Avatar

    Penny says:

    Oh! (weepy smile) Happy Birthday Jane, with love from the acorn people.

    🙂 Such a wonderful day!

  2. Avatar

    tanita says:

    Oh, happy birthday to the brilliant Jane — and happy birth remembering day to the blessed parents.

  3. Avatar

    Ellie says:

    Sixteen? Truly? Oh, my. Blessings, indeed 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Anne V. says:

    Wow!! I mean wow!! 16? Happy Birthday to Jane from us all!

  5. Avatar

    coffeemamma says:

    Happy birthday Jane!

    Our Gracie will be 16 in two weeks- your post made me weepy.

    And a weird coincidence- our Boy was born the same day as Jane’s last inpatient chemo (though it wasn’t Thanksgiving here in Canada).

  6. Avatar

    Muttix says:

    Happy birthday to your (not so little anymore) baby girl! Crunchy rainbows, indeed! I never thought about their texture but I was sure they’d taste like sugar. After all, they were in contact with clouds which everyone knows are just floating marshmallows! 😉

  7. Avatar

    MelanieB says:

    Happy birthday to Jane. 16! Wow!

    I’ve always loved that butterfly story. And now I’ve got my own budding lepidopterist!

  8. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Happy birthday to Jane! 16 is such a wonderful age. Many blessings to a lovely young lady.

  9. Avatar

    Jen L. says:

    love this. (thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday Jane! What a happy day for all of you!

  11. Avatar

    yvonne says:

    The second story always makes me cry. Happy Birthday, Jane! I hope you had a very special day. 🙂 My oldest turns 15 in December–doesn’t seem possible.

  12. Avatar

    Mary Chris says:

    Blessed indeed!! Happy Belated Birthday to Jane!! And many wishes for more and more wonderful moments…..