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Well, it was inevitable that once I had opened 84, Charing Cross Road I would have to sit there and read clear through to the end, at the lamentable but unmourned expense of some work I ought to have done this afternoon but didn’t. And of course I had to make Scott read bits of it, and yes, we will be watching the movie very soon—thanks, those of you who suggested it in the comments.

I’m befuddled, though: the Shakespeare Garden passage isn’t in the book. I’m wondering what other book I’m mixing up with the Hanff. Katherine White, perhaps? I must have read Onward and Upward in the Garden three times that year, and certainly a Central Park garden would have been in Mrs. White’s wheelhouse.

I’ll look it up tomorrow.

UPDATED: Mystery solved: it’s Letter from New York. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Perhaps Hanff’s “Apple of My Eye” is the one you are thinking of! “Underfoot in Show Business” is perfectly delightful, too, but Central Park is a major character in “Apple.”

  2. Aha!! Thanks for this suggestion (Jessica and others who mentioned Apple in the comments of the original post. I’ve just looked it up, and now that I see the cover, I think her book Letters from New York is the one I’m remembering—a collection of short radio broadcasts she did for the BBC. The cover rings a bell, the Amazon entry mentions the Shakespeare Garden, and it was published in 1992 which means I would have been very likely to stumble across it when I moved to NYC in the spring of 1993.

    We’ll know soon enough—of course you know I *had* to order a copy. 😉

  3. Yes another vote for Apple of my eye! And have you read the DUchess of BLoomsbury Street? When she finally comes to England?

  4. Funny–I have no idea what this post is actually about, but I just read The Story of Charlotte’s Web in which Onward anf Upward in the Garden was mentioned. Synchronicity!

  5. I’m with the others–having read all of Hanff including the New York book–maybe in one of the others. Her books are treasures though! I was a little (just a little) disappointed in the movie having loved “84..” for years, but it’s still high on my list of favorite movies-from-beloved-books list.