Sometimes I Wonder

February 12, 2012 @ 8:36 pm | Filed under: Assorted and Sundry

Do I thrill at the sight of green spikes poking up from the soil because I read The Secret Garden so many times, growing up? Or did I read it so many times because it put into words the thrill I felt in my mother’s garden?

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  1. Yesterday I was exclaiming over the shoots I see coming up in the neighbor’s yard. It always amazes me how quickly the Long Dark turns to light around these parts. The world just *flips a switch* and here’s Spring…

  2. Ah **sigh** here we have had subzero windchills, and today we are expecting snow 🙂

    How I loved The Secret Garden (I find it just too hard to read aloud though, so my kids have to discover it one their own).

  3. Which came first…the garden or the book? 🙂 An astute question!

    Lovely to see things poking up too. We’ve still got snow on the ground here, but it’s sunny today…