The Story Huck Told Me Tonight

May 27, 2012 @ 7:10 pm | Filed under:

“Me was talking to the moon. Me told him come down and give me a ride.”

“You did?”

“Yep.” He sighs. “Me had fun talking to the moon for a little while.”


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  1. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Huh, my comment disappeared. It was too important and profound to simply let go, so I shall write it again for you.


  2. Avatar

    Carol H Rasco says:

    Well, of course this is priceless…and in case I haven’t asked before: You ARE keeping a journal or printing and keep in one place this type wise comment from your children, right?

  3. Avatar

    tanita says:

    Ditto, that previous profound comment. ☺
    Somehow, all of your children are storyspinners. Wonder how that happened??

  4. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    Do you have “I Took the Moon for a Walk?”. I think he’d like it.

  5. Avatar

    Penny says:

    Sweet times eleventy billion 🙂

  6. Avatar

    Dori says:

    Ahhh…the magic of the moon. Keep talking to the moon, Huck.

  7. Avatar

    maria says:

    oh wow! :::melt::: is exactly right!