Uncanny Resemblance

June 28, 2012 @ 4:40 pm | Filed under: Family, Funny, Photos

I shared this photo on Facebook—a cellphone shot captured at the park yesterday. Because my phone’s camera is middling, and because in the bright sun I can barely see my screen at all, and because I used an Instagram filter that looked nice on the small phone screen but appears excessively washed out in the larger view, this is not nearly as good a photo as it might have been. But it captured a happy moment in a lovely place, and I’m glad I caught it.

rilla and huck under the arbor

But the best thing about the picture is this: after I’d sent it to Facebook, I got a note from my friend Asako. My photo had appeared in her news feed immediately above this one.

She couldn’t help but giggle. Me, I guffawed.

*I wish I knew the origin of the second image so I could properly credit. If it find it, I’ll add it here.
UPDATE: Peter in the comments found the image on a t-shirt at Buck Wear Inc.

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  1. Hysterical. Just… hysterical.

  2. *GUFFAW*
    I snorted out loud, and Tech Boy said, “What?”
    And I said, “Oh, it’s Lissa.”
    And he said, “Ah. Those crazy kids again.”

    Well… sort of. This time it’s their crazy Mama. ☺

  3. Hard to say for sure who was first, but using google’s image search, it appears that Buck Wear Inc sells it as a T-Shirt.

  4. Peter, thanks!

    Tanita, I love that my kids have a reputation with Tech Boy. 🙂