Six Tall Years

October 16, 2012 @ 1:46 pm | Filed under: Family, Photos

Fall 2006

Fall 2012

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  1. The tag made me snort-giggle.

    And: I want to know who was holding Rilla up on the wall! lol

    And: precious, really. How blessed you are!!

  2. Nope, not on FB, and so very happy to see this!

    Your kids have AMAZING hair – it’s like they all go through a stage of either curly or blonde or both, as part of their development, and then they go on to the next thing.

    I love those smiles.

  3. maybe my favorite post ever. Makes me want to hop a plane (can you hop planes? or just trains?) to SD to hang with your adorable family. my son got “invited” to a conference for his hearing aid company in SD. he was dissappointed that it actually cost money to go to the conference.

  4. delicious! what a treat!