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Looking at this serene child enjoying her lunch while gazing upon the butterfly garden, you’d hardly believe she’s the same creature who made herself a hunting license last night—that is, a license for hunting her baby brother.


At the bottom, next to her signature, a blank marked “GOV” (for governor?), which she very nearly got her Daddy to sign. Fortunately, he read the block print. And saw the Nerf gun behind her back, and the bloodlust in her eye.

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  1. Harmony says:

    This is just too much. I’m so glad you blog so we can share this!

  2. tanita says:

    It cracks me up how wily the wee girl is — nobody could argue about the Nerf gun once she was licensed, right??

  3. sarah says:

    LOL!! Someone should write a book about that girl. Talk about fiesty princess! It ought to be a comic book, so we can see the glint in the eye … oh that’s right, there is one already. Yay for Thicklebit!

  4. Fe says:

    Oh! That’s delightful! ( well, or not:-) )