Best. Review. Ever.

January 21, 2013 @ 8:16 am | Filed under: Author stuff, Books, Read-Alouds, The Prairie Thief

There is nothing quite like the feeling of clicking to one of your favorite book blogs and discovering your own book is the day’s entry.

Dad:  Tell me about the “Thief” part of the title…
Lily:  The girl’s dad was accused of theft-ing.
Gracie:  You’re not even saying it right.  It’s “thievering.”

The Prairie Thief at Bookie Woogie. I’m thrilled. And that art! ASTOUNDING.

P.S. Gracie really is the Blurb Master.

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  1. Melissa, I was just over at Bookie Woogie myself, for the first time, and I loved the review of your book, too! I can only imagine how much fun it was for you to see your book as today’s entry, and to read the delightful review by “Dad and the kids.” I’ve just put your book on my “must read soon” list.

  2. Yes, Lissa,!!!!! What a delight it must have been to read this! All three of my boys agree with Isaac (they are 15, 14 and 10!) And to Bookie Woogie – great blog!

  3. Thievering. It’s like havering, in the Scots dialect, which means to chatter on. Thievering is when a thief just. cannot. stop… ☺

    Real kid reviews are just the best.

  4. Havering! Like in that song I love, “500 Miles.” “And if I haver, I’m gonna be the man havering to you.”

  5. […] years I’ve been havering* […]

    //Look, Tanita! You gave me a word just when I needed it!

    I like a man who havers.

  7. Bookie Woogie blog and havering, all in the same post! What could be better?!
    (and please tell me that you’ve seen the video of Dr. Who cast & crew singing 500 miles!! It’s so fun:

    Popping over from the Blog Comment Challenge,
    **Katy Manck
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