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Betsy-Tacy TreasuryA doozy! You guys! The Betsy-Tacy Treasury (that’s the first four books in the series) is $2.99 on Kindle right now!

Here’s an older post of mine about the books.

Sorry so brief today. Busy busy day! We took the kids to the mountains to see snow. Was Huck and Rilla’s first encounter with it. Oh my little Southern California children.

But I finished re-reading Ballet Shoes for the Streatfeild read-along and I should be able to get a post up about it tomorrow afternoon. Are you reading? Are you ready?

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  1. Avatar

    Vivie says:

    it’s not available for int’l Kindles..too bad πŸ™

  2. Avatar

    Lindsay says:

    What order are we planning to read the “Shoes” books? I have to get moving on “Ballet Shoes” and take a break on my project of re-reading all of Harry Potter.

    I have “Theatre Shoes,” “Dancing Shoes,” and, I think, “Tennis Shoes.” Do I need to get InterLibrary Loan involved?

    Thanks ~

  3. Avatar

    Melissa Wiley says:


    and then we’ll see what people can get hold of next. πŸ™‚ I have a copy of Skating Shoes, and I grabbed a few others on interlibrary loan:
    Party Shoes
    Thursday’s Child
    hmmm, one other title I can’t remember at the moment.

  4. Avatar

    Lindsay says:

    Thanks so much!