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Golden Boy

September 16, 2011 @ 6:16 pm | Filed under: ,


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I shared this on Facebook earlier today, but for my friends who aren’t there (I’m looking at you, Penny), here’s a photo of Huck taken at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Convention last weekend. The photographer is a fellow named Mike Hedge, and he captured all the merriment of the conference in a wonderful series of pictures. He has kindly allowed us to share the photos. This one, I think, is particularly swoony. But perhaps I’m biased?

Other tidbits:

Dinosaur feathers! Oh my!

• I have returned to Connie Willis’s Blackout, after having set it aside—through happenstance—for several months. Am about a quarter of the way through, and I know it’s imperative to have All Clear at the ready the moment I finish. I adore Willis’s writing. After I reread The Doomsday Book last year I decided it just might be in my top ten—top twenty, at least. But I’ve had to admit to myself that I’m struggling with Blackout. So many characters! All those shifting points of view! Just when I think I’ve got a handle on everyone, along comes someone new. Will my brain be thus taxed the whole way through?

• I’m delighted to find so many people share my fascination with the Quest for the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner!

• I shared this elsewhere, but not here I think: my GeekMom piece about this week’s big homeschooling news: Welcome to the Internet, Growing Without Schooling!

• Did I tell you that Scott got to interview Otis Redding’s wife and daughter for an AARP piece? How cool is that!

In a blink, August disappears.

September 1, 2011 @ 2:49 pm | Filed under:

Okay! So! I know I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet here lately! Lots happening offscreen. Good stuff. Busy stuff. I’m not even reading much. But I’ve got a bunch of posts in the hopper—some for here and some for GeekMom. The kids and I are enjoying our science reading, and Beanie, Rose, and Rilla are doing a bit of Spanish with me, and we had a Moon Week for Rilla which was delightful. Not this weekend but next we’ll be at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference: such fun.

The girls and I are also on a World of Warcraft kick. (TONS of math in that, btw, but that’s not at all the reason.) We crowd together on my bed with the laptop. Jane’s mother would be aghast at the violence, but Huck’s mother frankly relishes mowing down orcs. Besides, my avatar has a pet tiger. A pet tiger!

In other news: the morning glories are more glorious every morning. And the melon vine has two blossoms. And the other day I startled a little tiny young alligator lizard on the back patio, and it skittered up a wall and then fell off, landing in the parsley patch, looking for all the world like a toddler trying to run and toppling down on its bottom. Poor little thing, it was hilarious.

Scott had a really lovely guest post at DCWKA last week, telling about how he came to write the first Oracle stand-alone story. Have I mentioned I love it when he writes about his work?

Here’s a photo of one my favorite sights: big girl reads to little boy.