Spring in the Bonny Glen

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We can’t stay inside.

The crocuses are gone, and the daffodils are just barely past their peak. The grape hyacinths are up, and lots of our neighbors seem to have gone in for the breathtaking pairing of these sweet blue fairy-bulbs and the sunny, amiable daffies. The combination is the epitome of cheerfulness, and I can’t get enough of it.

Last winter’s pansies have returned to wave like brilliant orange and blue flags in the April breezes, enlivening the sparse brown flowerbeds where the perennials are just beginning to shake themselves awake. I always love to see the re-emergence of my yarrow, for its feathery, gray-green foliage is exactly the color of spring according to my Secret Garden-trained sensibilities.

And our strawberries! We were astonished yesterday to see that they are already blooming. Dozens and dozens of the delicate white blossoms embroidered with yellow-green, like something off an old-fashioned sampler. We’ll be feasting by early June, for sure.

I am pointedly overlooking all the weeds. I cannot possibly uproot them now—as it is, I seem to be giving the neighbors panic attacks when they see me out in the mulch hacking down last year’s dead flowerstalks. No, I assure them, I am not trying to jumpstart labor; it’s just that if I don’t do it now, it won’t get done, right? I may be a baby-sling enthusiast, but tackling early spring garden cleanup tasks while toting a brand-new newborn—that’s a bit beyond me. So the gang and I got out there yesterday and chopped out all the brush. Now we can relax and enjoy watching the plantain and thistle columbines and shasta daisies emerge.

No trace yet of the milkweed Jane is raising to lure her monarchs. And we still haven’t planted our peas!

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  1. sherry says:

    I love your description of spring at your house! We’re several weeks behind you here in Michigan. Tiny daffodil heads are just popping through the soil here! I can’t wait until I can sit out on the back deck and enjoy the spring-time wonders!


  2. Sophia says:

    I love your post about strawberries. I feel like running to the store and buying some right now! Anyway,I read your strawberry post outloud to my husband today because I enjoyed it so much. There are strawberry patches here in Texas, but I think they really have to be babied. I’m wondering where you got the strawberry plants that you started out with.

    BTW, my daughter has been reading your books. That’s how I found your blog because we were wondering about what the background was of the author. When I showed my daughter your 9month pregnant picture, she was astounded at how young you look to have written all of these great books. How old were you when you started writing the books?

  3. Lissa says:

    Let’s see, I was 28 when I wrote Little House in the Highlands. I’m 37 now–hard to believe I’ve spent almost a decade on these books!

    So glad to hear your daughter has enjoyed them, and thanks for your comments on the strawberry post. I got my plants from Edible Landscaping, by the way.

  4. Anne says:

    Ahhhhh, Virginia spring.
    We are missing it! Our crocus’ just came up 🙁 On the bright side though it is not snowing and we haven’t seen it in a few weeks. We are hoping we are done with the white stuff for the year. Summer can be beautful here in Ohio–there needs to be something to look forward to after winter!! Enjoy your garden and the critters and the BABY! Look forward to the news–soon 🙂

  5. The LLama Butchers says:

    Gratuitous Garden Posting (TM)

    Ibuprofen, stat! Okay, about five hours in the garden this afternoon, spreading top soil (400 lbs), compost (160 pds). Planted about 30-40 bulbs for summer flowers, about ten plants. My arms feel like they are going to fall off. More…

  6. sophia says:

    Thanks for letting me know about “Edible Landscaping”! I ordered 4 selva strawberry plants today! I can not wait. I’ve seen gorgeous gardens in Virginia, so I think your conditions are probably better than they are in Texas, but we look forward to giving it a whirl. While 36 is young (I’m 37), you still look younger than that, but you seem wiser than your age! What a great combination! Thanks for putting together such a great blog. We are definitely your fans!