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Twine_1“The other day, I heard a mechanic say, ‘I have a wife and two little children; we live in a very small house; but, to save my life, I cannot spend less than twelve hundred a year.’ Another replied, ‘You are not economical; I spend but eight hundred.’ I thought to myself,—’Neither of you pick up your twine and paper.’ A third one, who was present, was silent; but after they were gone, he said, ‘I keep house, and comfortably too, with a wife and children, for six hundred a year; but I suppose they would have thought me mean, if I had told them so.’ I did not think him mean; it merely occurred to me that his wife and children were in the habit of picking up paper and twine.”

The American Frugal Housewife
by Lydia Maria Child

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  1. Jill, The Crib Chick says:

    LOL…this makes me think of that nursery rhyme; ‘The dove says, ‘Coo coo, what shall I do? I can scarce maintain two!’

    ‘Poo poo’, says the wren, ‘I have ten…and keep them all like gentlemen.’ :o)