Weekend Roundup

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UPDATED to add: Semicolon’s List of 100 Things to Do This Summer. Not only has she come up with a terrific list, she includes links. It’s both supercalifraglistic and semicolonic.

George Mason University is going to waive the SAT requirement for some applicants—but not homeschoolers. Spunky is covering this and other testing issues.

Farm School’s Becky blogs about fun grammar books.

My hubby’s broken toe didn’t slow down the 4th Carnival of Children’s Literature!

This week’s Carnival of Homeschooling at Principled Discovery sparked a good discussion at BlogHer.

The nation’s education report card is out. Elementary school science scores are up; high school scores are down. The Education Wonks have the story.

Oz and Ends has some paper-saving advice for the publishers of Harry Potter—and some tips on avoiding those pesky pronoun problems as well. (HT: Fuse#8 Productions.)

Karen Edmisten keeps things in perspective.

My pal Mrs. Child gets Mary Ellen thinking about kids doing work.

Willa of Every Waking Hour gathers some posts about classical unschooling.

SquaremelonAnd hello! Square watermelons! (HT: Boing Boing.)

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