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Here’s how to fix a broken link to a Lilting House post:

If the permalink
looks like this—

—simply replace the part of the URL


so that the URL reads:

That URL should take you to the correct post. The date and everything after the date needs to remain the same. Email me if you have trouble!

And if you missed the explanation of what happened to my Lilting House blog, here’s my farewell post:

November 16, 2007

Changes Afoot

couple of months ago, I realized the time had come for me to close up
shop here at ClubMom. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, blogging
at Lilting House, and I am deeply grateful to have had this opportunity
to meet many new readers and writers, and to explore in greater depth
some of the subjects dearest to my heart.

I’m not finished with those conversations. But it’s time to move them back to my original blog, Here in the Bonny Glen.
Pretty much the only aspect of ClubMom blogging I haven’t enjoyed was
seeing certain ads pop up next to my posts. Back in early October, I
began talking to the MomBlog liason at ClubMom about retiring from
blogging here and moving the content to an archive at my other site.
There were some techie details to nail down, and the dialogue took a
while. During that time, the liason left ClubMom, so my move has been
on hold for a few weeks.

Today I learned that ClubMom is going to wrap up the entire MomBlog
program at the end of this year. The ClubMom folks have been extremely
classy in their handling of the details regarding closing the blogs, so
while it’s a move that may shock many readers, I have great respect for
the way the decision has been made.

What’s going to happen with Lilting House is this: this blog will
stay up until the end of the year. But I won’t be posting here anymore.
I have moved the entire blog, comments and all, to The Lilting House Archive.
There you will find all the posts I’ve written here, and I encourage
you to continue the discussions we have going in the comments.

All my new material will appear at Bonny Glen. This includes the
ongoing series I have been doing here—the day planner reviews, the
upcoming sewing-book reviews, posts about speech therapy and special
needs kids, reviews of Latin curricula and other fun learning
resources, and, well, everything I’ve been doing here. I’ll continue to
mine the comments of this blog for new posts at Bonny Glen.

Thank you all very, very much for helping to make the Lilting House
the delightful experience it has been for me. I love hearing from you.
I deeply appreciate the support you have given me (including that blog
award last year for Best Unschooling/Eclectic Homeschooling Blog). You
are a terrific bunch of readers, and I hope you’ll all join me over at Here in the Bonny Glen!

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