The 48-Hour Book Challenge

June 5, 2009 @ 3:22 pm | Filed under:

It starts today. I soooo want to participate. But, um, hello, Huck! And Rilla and Wonderboy. Sure, my three older girls would be totally into the idea of a super-duper reading marathon for the weekend, but my little ones have other ideas. Besides, we’ve got a birthday to celebrate on Sunday. Happy 14th, Jane my love! Would you mind babysitting all day so I can read?

So, okay, not my season of life. Maybe next year. (:::laughs uproariously:::)

But lots of people are participating and it’s not too late for you to join in the fun yourself. Hop over to MotherReader and read all about it. I’ll be here on the sidelines, cheering away. Woot woot woot!

UPDATED SATURDAY MORNING: Well, now I don’t know. The kids got up and watched cartoons, and Scott took the baby out to his bouncy chair (oh man, remind me to post the video of Huck in his bouncy chair—he WORKS that thing), and I got to lie in bed reading until, gasp, 9 a.m. So maybe I’ll join the Challenge after all—although it’s entirely possible that this blissful two hours will wind up being my entire tally for the weekend. Even as I type this, Beanie is firing up the Wii and Jane is grinning at me, because the girls have just announced they’d rather watch me play Harvest Moon than watch cartoons. I have a very strange family—most wonderful wonderful, out of all hooping.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Hooray! Glad you could join us after all! Maybe MR should have a family category next year.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I hope the rest of the day followed the same book filled path! I think that there should be handicapping–perhaps an extra hour for every child under 8 that is home with you for the greater part of the challenge.

  3. Andromeda Jazmon says:

    Hey two hours of bliss is success in my book! LOL Enjoy your Sunday!

    Would it be bad of me to sneak a book (other than the usual) into church?