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Bwah? Why, hello, Twitterlog! You’ve been AWOL for what, over a month? Why did you suddenly decide to reappear?

Well, I’m glad to have the record for the blog, but a post this long is just ridiculous. Let’s bump you off the front page, shall we?

  • My 13yo just came inside to report that our neighbors are having a backyard party & the rest of my kids were peeking through the fence. #
  • Oh come on. This is the second time they’ve played The Lion Sleeps Tonight. #
  • And now? Mr. Roboto!! #
  • What the heck are they listening to? Keeps cycling thru song openings, laugh tracks, movie dialogue, a-weem-a-way, “They’re heeere!” #
  • Thinking of taking the brood to see the painted cows in La Jolla today. Hmm. #
  • Everybody say hello to my dear friend Eileen! @littleflower2 She’s Wonderboy’s godmother and one of my favorite people ever. 🙂 #
  • Just posted some of our favorite picture book (and other book) quotes on the blog. Can you guess ’em? #
  • Retweeting @littleflower2 : “The School of Albert Einstein( As quoted by Einstein): ‘The 3 B’s:the bath, the bus, and brooding’ ” –Love it! #
  • Overheard: “But I don’t WANNA be a sandwich!” #
  • Scott found a tick on the 5yo. Got it off but the head stayed in, which meant a trip to the dr. Who said: “Um, we don’t HAVE ticks here.” #
  • The 2yo is eating gorgonzola crackers for breakfast. This is not a smell I am ready for at 7 a.m. #
  • Sitting on sofa w/ 4 out of 6 kids, watching Teen Titans. The other two are eating Lucky Charms. Ahh, Saturday, how we do love thee. #
  • Actual conversation: Me: “Who’s that in the kitchen?” Beanie: “Me. I’m getting some slices of bread ready in case you want bread & butter.” #
  • Around the house: girls playing Wii w/ beloved cousin, baby hanging out in his bouncy chair, Grandpa taking zillions of pictures. #
  • You’ll chortle, you’ll chuckle, you’ll giggle with glee. Thirty days, thirty poets: you’ve gotta go see! #kidlit #
  • It’s Poetry Month and I’m tweeting in verse. / A challenge? You bet, but it could be worse: #
  • Like, say, Star Trek month, and someone says bring on / the tweets and the twitters all written in Klingon! #poetry #
  • Rilla wants to know if she could “shrink like a molecule.” #
  • Hubby just called from work to ask how you spell ess-tsett. / German class was a long time ago, but some things you never forget. #
  • Fishsticks in the oven; kids playing a game of Wii. / Baby’s in his bouncy chair with a duckling on his knii. #
  • Around-the-house tweets: yes, I do this a lot– /
    Take a look ’round the house, then on Twitter I jot / #
  • a quick note or two about what kids are doing, /
    reading or gaming or cutting-and-gluing. / #
  • In this way I make note of our rich, busy days: /
    to remember the good lest it’s lost in the haze / #
  • of diapers and traffic and grocery shopping. /
    It’s a way to make sure I am faithfully stopping / #
  • to sniff at the roses and laugh at the thorns /
    of our sweet afternoons and tumultuous morns. #
  • My evening, in third person (and rhyme, cuz I promised): She made pizza for dinner, and now it’s all in ‘er. #poetrymonth #
  • Small boy comes to me, opens mouth wide, points inside. “I have hungry in there,” he says. I know that feeling. #
  • Just read first chap. of my new book to the girls. Love having an enthusiastic critique group right in my own home. They’re demanding Ch 2. #
  • Phoebe-bird singing her heart out just beyond our back fence. Somehow this makes me all the more aware I haven’t finished our taxes yet. #
  • Proud search moment: I am #1 on Google for “Pearl Jam songs in ASL.” LOL! #
  • How I can tell Journey North Mystery Class is almost over: dozens of hits on my site from people seeking answers. Sorry, no spoilers here! #
  • In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday, Beanie has requested that we speak in thees and thous all day. She is using the word ‘mayhap’ a lot. #
  • My 3yo daughter just said to her brother, “I like your mother.” Then she hugged me. Am I missing something? #
  • 3yo sitting between bickering older sisters: “Hey, guys! Knock it off!” #
  • After sitting cuddled up beside me for half an hour, Wonderboy reaches for my hand, shakes it, says “Nice to meet you!” #
  • Rilla shows me her knee, which had a scab that is now healed. “It’s gone!” she says in exactly the tone you’d use if your puppy ran away. #
  • I once posted a Huck Finn quote on my blog. Now people arrive there because they want Google to tell them *what page* of the book it’s on. ! #
  • Found the skin of an alligator lizard in our birdbath. Gick. Cool, though. #
  • Anyone in San Diego know where we could find some Taiwanese sun cakes? #sandiego #
  • On tap for today: Jane’s making a poster for her Mystery Class party & we found a Taiwanese restaurant that might have sun cakes. #
  • Buckle! Swash! #
  • Hurrah! Fresh-baked Taiwanese sun cakes located at 99 Ranch. Or was it Ranch 99? All set for Journey North party tomorrow. Mung bean cakes! #
  • Around the house: big kids reading (Princess & Goblin, All-of-a-Kind Family, Babe); littles watching Signing Time, I’m eating cinnamon bears #
  • I mean, that’s not ALL I’m doing, but cinnamon bears make the housework more fun. #
  • Busy day ahead: waiting for kids to finish watching cartoons so I can play Harvest Moon. I’m saving for a cow. Since I can’t have a real one #
  • Beanie just said, “I can’t wait to be a mother…so I can tell my kids about YOU!” Which is both incredibly sweet and kind of ominous. #
  • My Mother’s Day so far: cinnamon bread, Mass, city farmers nursery, Indian food, read with napping baby on lap, worked in garden. Perfect. #
  • Rilla kisses baby’s head tenderly, murmurs: “Don’t worry when the lions come.” Does she know something I don’t? #
  • This week’s recommended reading: Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society; George and Sam; and did I mention Fruitless Fall? #
  • Bean and Rose are entertaining themselves with what they call “tasty math.” Involves M&Ms, a little division, and a lot of subtraction. #
  • Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society: wretched, wretched book. It FORCED me to stay up until 2 a.m. Worth every bag under my eyes. #
  • Funny how the best books I’ve read this year have been about the joys of reading: Guernsey Lit Society, Uncommon Reader, Polyphonic Spree. #
  • SOME of the best, I should say. Other standouts: Fruitless Fall, Mysterious Benedict Society, Hunger Games, Daughter of Time, Sherwood Ring #
  • Did I really say Polyphonic Spree? I meant Polysyllabic, of course. Hazards of tweeting under the influence…of rowdy children. 😉 #
  • Yesterday we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. From two to eight in 15 years: we cubed ourselves! #
  • Overheard: Small child to larger person: “Stop it. You’re making me a grumble.” #
  • Dear Crow, I would be very grateful if you would stop leaving soggy bread crusts and half-eaten lizards in my birdbath. Signed, Revolted #
  • The girls’ piano recital is in an hour. I KNOW I need to get moving. But, but, it’s Saturday morning! Sposed to be pajamas-til-noon day. #
  • Overheard: “I found the white hairband!” “You drowned the white hairband?” #
  • Dear 32-year-old Self, How did you do it? By “it” I mean get dressed & ready without big sisters to hand the baby to? Signed, Running Late #
  • Dear Running Late, It would help if you didn’t stop to tweet yourself questions. Signed, Younger, Wiser You. #
  • Dear 32-Year-Me, Where do you get off telling me not to tweet? Sure you had 3 kids under 6 just like I do. But you didn’t even have a BLOG. #
  • Dear 40-Year-Old Self, What’s a blog? Let me go look it up on Webcrawler. Signed, 32 And Worried About My Future #
  • It seems I am #1 on Google for “lots of lettuce what to make for dinner?” And yet ’tis a question I have never asked. I’d answer, um, salad. #
  • Beanie just told me all about “zombie ants.” Flies lay eggs in their heads, maggots eat ant brains, ants (quote) “wander about blindlessly.” #
  • You know what I miss? Anise cookies from that bakery in Queens. Hmm. Come to think of it, I just plain miss that bakery in Queens. #
  • To be precise, I miss that bakery in Queens that was TWO BLOCKS FROM OUR APARTMENT. Two blocks=amount of time it takes to eat an eclair. #
  • Have decided that the kids & I should make it our mission to review every bakery in the San Diego area. Will be highly educational nom nom. #
  • The Great Bakery Trek begins today. San Diego tweeps, what’s your favorite bakery? #sandiego #
  • Kids are suggesting names for the bakery project. “Buttercream or Bust.” “The Bad-for-Your-Teeth Quest.” “Into the Oven.” #
  • Home from the first bakery outing. Am now having a wicked sugar crash. I suppose medicating with a Dr Pepper would be a bad idea? #
  • How I wish you could have heard the Shakespearean inflection in Rilla’s outcry before the open fridge: “Oh heavy milk!” #
  • So the 1st bakery outing was splendid. Owner gave free cookies to all the kids. We bought eclairs, napoleons, other goodies. By p.m., CRASH. #
  • I have very little patience for novels in which literary style takes precedence over story. Just tell me the dang story, Mr Nobel winner. #
  • Wow, I am 12 followers away from 1000. When did that happen? :::wracking brain for witty tweet::: #
  • Have just had mind blown: the Sgt Major spittle-ranting about moostaches in Gen Kill is the nice watermelon-carrying guy in Dirty Dancing. #
  • Beanie: “Mom, are you ever going to get a new outfit?” Me, looking down at my clothes in bewilderment, “Huh?” Beanie: “No, on Harvest Moon.” #
  • My kids saw a Chinese acrobatics show last night. Now they’re all ready to run off and join the circus. #
  • Posted my May reading notes at #
  • Oh jacaranda trees, you gorgeous things, why do you hate me so? #
  • Today’s not picture-tracing day. Today’s the day we race. #
  • Home from Beanie’s First Communion. She is radiant. She is also holding a cinnamon roll half the size of her head. #
  • Overheard: “Don’t hit your sister with a fish.” #
  • Overheard: “Look at all those teapots!” “All those teapots?” “No, all those PEOPLES.” #
  • Overheard: “I am not toes!” #
  • The May Carnival of Children’s Literature is up at #
  • Around the house: one child writing thank-you notes, one making cookies, one eating flour, one watching Signing Time, one weaving, one a-nap #
  • Unschooling tweet: Beanie just figured out a lot of things about squares and rectangles by playing with an Etch-a-Sketch. #
  • We just baked an entire batch of snickerdoodles in the time I spent on hold with the credit card company. No exaggeration. #
  • RT @Powells It amazes me how often Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” is our #1 best seller. #
  • Does e-reading affect how you experience a book? #
  • The comments on this Boing Boing post are slaying me: #
  • MotherReader’s 48hr Book Challenge is this wkend. We’ve got a bday to celebrate so I’m out but look fwd to reviews #
  • Just got my press registration for Comic-con. Squee! #
  • Would like to fast forward to the end of this day, please. Or at least skip to late afternoon, post-running-around time. #
  • Wait, now I’m confused. What’s the difference b/t a book blogger and a litblogger? Someone splain. Will it take more than 140 characters? #
  • Am doing it again: have read 1st 3 chapters of 4 different books, all great so far. Why can’t I pick a lane? #
  • The contenders: Elegance of the Hedgehog, Company of Liars, I Capture the Castle, Thirteenth Tale #
  • Here’s a post on book blogs/lit blogs. Says re book blogs: emphasis is more on community, conversations about bks #
  • Re “lit blogs,” says: first wave of blogs about books, journalistic feel, jumping off point for professional reviewing gigs (for some). #
  • Interesting distinction, but I’d say the 1st wave/2nd wave muddies the definition. Some newer (since 03) blogs have “journalistic feel” too. #
  • Have gone back to old housecleaning plan with focus on one area/room each day. Went swimmingly this week until today, kitchen day. Bleck. #
  • I do not like you, Kitchen Day. I do not like you any way. I do not like your sticky floor, your counters strewn with crumbs galore. #
  • I do not like your Tupperware. I do not know what’s growing there. #
  • I do not wish to shine your sink. I do not know what caused that stink.
    (A brave gal following her nose’ll trace it to the trash disposal.) #
  • Why clean when you can tweet bad poetry about cleaning? Is my motto. #
  • Dear Fresh & Easy, I thought we were friends. How could you do that to me, tricking me into dancing in the cereal aisle like that? #
  • And to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, no less. #
  • Dear $14 I just saved by cutting Wonderboy’s hair myself, you’d better buy me something good. That was a mean feat. #
  • Wonderboy to eye doctor yesterday: “Heyyy, what you doin’, Mister?” #
  • Some poor soul just landed on my blog after a search for “perfect housewife housekeeping manual.” Must be opposite day in Googleland. #
  • I just read for almost 2 hrs! Thank you Pink Panther & @petersonscott. Maybe I’m in after all. #48hbc #
  • Finished Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. Haunting. An unresolved resolution I really liked.#48hbc #
  • HOT DOG!!! Catching Fire ARC just arrived. Goodbye, family. Perfect timing for #48hbc. And a big :::mwah::: to KG. 🙂 #
  • Oho! Jane throws down. Me, clutching ARC: “No way, babe. Me first.” Jane, all innocent: “But Mom, you know I read faster than you.” #48hbc #
  • Coming up for air after baby’s naptime. 70 pages into Catching Fire. Have chewed nails to quick. #48hbc #
  • Wow, I so did not see that coming. #48hbc #
  • Oh, man. Jane snagged my book while I was in the shower. Now I’m sitting here w/ the baby asleep on my lap & can’t holler to her. #48hbc #
  • Sorry, #48hbc, no time to read this morning. I have birthday biscuits & chocolate gravy to make. #
  • Dear Giant Mess in Kitchen, I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait. Must. Finish. Catching Fire. #48hbc #
  • My 48 hrs will be up at 7 a.m., which is to say, pretty much as soon as I fall asleep. Finished Catching Fire, started Genesis by B. Beckett #

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