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  • OH I AM STEAMED. Towing company tried to cheat us on mileage, more than double the correct mileage/price. They’ve not heard the last of me. #
  • Scott’s car died on commute home. Tow truck driver claimed mileage is gauged by GPS, not his odometer. AND tried to use wrong location. #
  • Looks like the littles & I will be without wheels today. Not a problem; home is nice. We have big plans to blow bubbles. #
  • On phone with shady towing company. They claimed they calculate mileage based on their GPS, not odometer. Not gonna fly. #
  • Aha. Not shady towing company–shady driver. Company management horrified to hear this guy didn’t use odometer to track mileage. #
  • My triumph over tow company victory is somewhat marred by the fact that Scott’s car needs a whole new engine. Luckily chocolate is cheap. #
  • 3-year-old helping me fold towels: “Mommy, these are tweachewous!” #
  • 3yo’s question of the day: “Mom, do cats laugh?” #
  • And oh the way she sings the Do Re Mi song! “Me, oh me, I call myself…” #
  • Rilla: “The baby has blue eyes.” Me: “Do you know what color your eyes are?” Rilla: “Yup! Weasel.” #
  • Dear Neighbors, I assure you I had a very good reason for belting out the Wonder Pets theme song while I was taking out the trash just now. #
  • Says the 8yo: “Mom, even though Van Gogh is dead, he should paint you.” Um, thanks, I think? #
  • Sign you didn’t get enough sleep: you get up in the morning and put both contact lenses in the same eye. #
  • Someone landed on my blog today after Googling Seamus Heaney & Neil Gaiman. I’d love to know what the person was looking for, or why. #

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  1. Karen Edmisten says:

    Bubble blowing cures many ills. 🙂

  2. Sherry says:

    I just had to comment and say that when my oldest was 3 (she is 13 now) she would say my eyes were “weasel” too! It’s one of our favorite memories! 🙂 That and “New Hamster” for where her Godmother lives.