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More middle ages fun.


Roger the Herald’s Notes on Blazonry. Wonderful starting point for learning the language of blazonry. Sable, a lion rampant or, in chief azure three stars or. There’s a game set inside a story, for helping you get the lingo down. Huge hit with Beanie.
design your own coat of arms
SCA heraldry primer


Book of Kells
• The Fitzwilliam Museum’s interactive animation about how illuminated manuscripts were made. This is extremely cool.
SCA Illumination pool at Flickr Examples of recent work by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism. It awes me to see people putting so much care and time into mastering this ancient art. There is some truly stunning work here.
Gutenberg School for Scribes. A how-to site for people interested in trying their hand at illumination.
Wynn the Wayward. An SCA scribe doing breathtaking work.


Some Dover activity books have made their way into our middle ages collection.

Design Your Own Coat of Arms (has been a big hit)
Life in a Medieval Castle and Village Coloring Book
Medieval Fashions Coloring Book (there’s a paper dolls version too—these are some of those gorgeous books by Tom Tierney).

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    sarah says:

    an introduction to heraldry was the first class I ever taught. So much fun to be had! 🙂