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Beyond Little House | Can’t-Miss Laura-Related Radio Interviews

Sarah Uthoff’s radio Laura Ingalls Wilder-themed interviews on Trundlebed Tales Radio.

Kaboom! announces new Happiness is a Warm Blanket Peanuts graphic novel | The Beat

“ALL NEW adaptation of a new Peanuts animated movie, Happiness Is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown, which Warners Home Video is releasing in March. The tie-in graphic novel adaptation is by original creator Charles M. Schulz and adapted by Craig Schulz and Stephan Pastis, with art by Bob Scott, Vicki Scott and Ron Zorman. As you can see from the attached preview, it’s drawn in the official Peanuts style. Although the idea of anyone doing Peanuts but Sparky himself is strictly forbidden in the comics religion, if you’re going to do something new, an adaptation of a movie based on the comic strip is not completely blasphemous.”

What can I do to help RIF?

“What can I do to help RIF given the budget cut signed into law by the President this week?” Carol Rasco offers some practical suggestions.

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