Sunday Night Catch-Up

October 2, 2011 @ 7:16 pm | Filed under: ,

Yikes! The days, they fly by!

Had a few links I meant to share last week:

My latest GeekMom post, in which I gush about a new MMO my kids and I are enjoying the heck out of.

It’s Cybils time again! Go nominate your favorite children’s & YA books of 2011 (published between Oct. 16, 2010 and Oct 15, 2011, to be specific). And kids’ book apps—a new category this year. I’m serving on the Graphic Novels first-round panel this time around, a fact which has my whole family excited. We’re somewhat enthusiastic about the category, as you may have noticed.

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  1. coffeemamma says:

    I tried to leave a comment on your GeekMom post, and it didn’t work for some reason?? Are the posts moderated maybe?

    I took a peek at Glitch, thinking it would be right up my 10yod’s alley, but I’m hesitating a bit to let her ‘have at it’. I was surprised by the sexual innuendo and double entendres, and was wondering how you handle it with your girls. Does it go over their heads?

    Thank you!