Late November

November 28, 2012 @ 5:49 pm | Filed under: ,

Our roses are blooming, and a big clump of daffodils is coming up right under one of the rosebushes. Tricksy plants, growing all the time. The freesia and rain lilies we planted are well up now (but weeks from blooming), and the nasturtium and cosmos seeds are coming in nicely. One plump grapefruit ripening on the tree. Just the one.

The neighborhood parrots visited the other day. They travel in a raucous swirl of green and chaos. I tried to get pictures, but they hid in the trees and then swirled up and away faster than I could focus. Which is a pretty apt metaphor for my life, these days. Bright, noisy, swirling past in a blur.

There’s a parrot there somewhere; can you see it? Blink and it’s gone.

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  1. sarah says:

    So jealous! That rose—exquisite!

  2. the other sarah says:

    such beautiful photographs … and I love your new header 🙂

  3. Melissa Wiley says:

    Thank you! I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit…just for a little while. Eventually, when time and life permit, there may be something there that is much lovelier than anything I could make. 🙂

  4. tanita says:

    Our roses are blooming too, and I’m to the point where I love them until they’re just petals. Bright, yellow petals, shading to peach then deepest pink in the centers. SO lovely, and they smell like the breath of heaven. I think I would eat roses, if I was a child. (Heck, I’m not a child, and the urge is there. I think I’m going to sugar some petals here soon.)

    We don’t have parrots and I haven’t seen our wild zebra finches (where do such tiny birds go in the cold?? Need to start putting out millet sprays) but the Gang of Eight is still running amok. Juvenile tom turkeys are kind of hilarious, I remain surprised no one has taken off with one of them, but they ARE a gang, and if you approach one, they ALL come at you… and they’re a bit thuggish and scary. Fortunately we have no front lawn or olive trees in the front garden, which is what attracts them next door and across the street.